sexta-feira, junho 29, 2007

UN rules

Just got it from a friend:

"I am slowly getting used to working for the UN and I discover disturbing signs such as

- spending a lot of money in one go without caring
- getting really annoyed at having to take the bus and being squashed like a sardine and secreetly taking a cab pretending that I don't
- being able to look the ueberboss of the UN system straight in the eye without flinching, nor blushing nor giggling while lying about spending ratios
- coordinating my shoes with my bag (the horror!!!!)
- using more than 5 abbreviations in a 10 word sentence
- constant use of maximisation of aid input effort (gahhhh!!!)
- throwing down a glass of wodka in one go without getting drunk!!!!!
- getting really annoyed at the fact that 75% of the time there is no electricity - who cares for the cold showers but wodka at 36 degrees is not nice

As you can see I am turning into a neo colonialist exploitative pig..."

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