segunda-feira, outubro 04, 2010

o turno da noite - cashback


Ben Willis: There is an art to dealing with the boredom of an 8-hour shift. An art to putting your mind somewhere else while the seconds slowly tick away. I found that all the people working here had perfected their own individual art.

Ben Willis: I read once about a woman whose secret fantasy was to have an affair with an artist. She thought he would really see her. He would see every curve, every line, every indentation and love them because they were part of the beauty that made her unique.

Ben Willis: Once upon a time, I wanted to know what love was. Love is there if you want it to be. You just have to see that it's wrapped in beauty and hidden away in between the seconds of your life. If you don't stop for a minute, you might miss it.

O Turno da Noite - Cashback.
Uma surpresa e das boas. E não me importaria de re-ver.

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