segunda-feira, outubro 27, 2008

she and he

02. once she told him a story about a white knight, and a princess that didn't need saving. am i the knight? he asked her. no, she answered. you're the person i'm telling the story to.

60. i was so wrong, he said. that doesn't mean that now you're right, she said.

65. do you love me? he asked. i'm not going to write a song about it, if that's what you mean, she said.

68. she almost believed it all, until he told her that he believed in her.

69. the world may not revolve around me, he said, but i could go supernova at any moment.

75. sometimes, you make me feel like christmas, she said. and other times? he asked. the rest of the time, she said, i remember how you forgot my birthday.

82. if you always knew how it would end, she said, you might have at least saved us both the trouble.

98. you could stop, she said. and do what? he asked. something else, she said. he threw up his arms. that's exactly what i was doing before i started doing this, he said.

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